Strategy, planning and concept development, oh my!

Digital strategy is built on device, delivery and data. What device is your target demographic on and what message or action is appropriate? On what channel are we delivering that message and action to the customer? How do we use the data at hand to make quick decisions on product, price, placement and promotion? All of those unemotional “things,” combined with simple human truths, are the insights that make each of us connect and react. We use a mix of marketing funnel and fail fast tactics to deliver a solid return on investment.

  • Data Driven Insights
  • Strategic Development
  • Market and competitive research
  • Marketing and Promotion Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Execution

Through our discovery process, we collaborate with the customer, their stakeholders and their customers to define goals, objectives and key performance indicators of success.

Strategy Development

This is where we use all the data and experience at hand to create the strategic and creative brief as well as media recommendations, business requirements and project timelines.

Concept Development

How do we emotionally, functionally, visually, audibly connect with the audience? What is the message and action that brings the strategy to life in a way that delivers bottom line results? These are all things we solve during the concept development phase. We love this stuff!

Company Analysis

Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand. Most of our clients use our Data Analysis service to inform their strategic decision making and their targets for the immediate, mid-term and long-term future. The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback. Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves in this industry and that’s what you want.

Brand Creation
Profittable Results

3 Strategists 100%
2 Creative Directors 75%
5 Puppies 50%
2 Account Managers 90%
Client Meetings 50%
Writers, Developers and Art Directors 80%
YouTube "Research" Binges 30%
Strategy Development & Planning

So much goes into strategy to make it come to life that it can be hard to describe with mere words. Here’s a small glimpse of what goes into our secret sauce.