We believe actions speak louder than words.

iluminere is a marketing, advertising and experience agency specializing in digital, social and mobile work. We challenge ourselves to find ways to create, ignite and drive strategic user actions for our clients.

We’re proud of our work, but the thing we pride ourselves on most is caring for our client’s business. And we’re not just talking about the digital space: we care about every aspect of their business, and all the opportunities and challenges that come along with them. Understanding the business helps us understand how the digital ecology could work most efficiently to move the needle.

Officially, the LLC was formed in 2016. But the journey actually started two years earlier. Josh and Dax (our two dads) had a small, agile digital agency when they got the call from The Loomis Agency’s president Mike Sullivan. Mike and the Loomis Agency team had been trying to break into the digital game for some time with limited success. Josh and Dax came in to help with one small job, and ultimately created a new partnership to spawn a full-service digital agency powerhouse.

To create a unique and innovative team of free thinkers, digital natives, autonomous decision makers, entrepreneurs, artists, builders, rebels, number lovers and owners of their and their client’s destinies.


-Mobile Applications
-Responsive Websites
-Adaptive Websites
-Content Creation
-In-Store Interactive Displays


-Data Driven Insights
-Transactional Strategic Development
-Marketing and Promotion Planning
-Concept Development
-Creative Execution

Social Media

-Social Strategy
-Calendar Development
-Content Creation
-Social Promotions
-Social Influencer Marketing
-Social Reputation Management


-Custom and Off-The-Shelf Solutions
-Conversion Optimization
-Social Commerce
-Mobile First

Digital Media

-Programmatic Display
-Data Analytics
-Digital Influencer Platform
-Google Partner


-Custom and Off-The-Shelf Platforms
-Email Retention
-Mobile Loyalty Apps
-Text Campaigns