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DQ® Spicy Ones

Texas Dairy Queen® launched a New Spicy Chicken Strip on 9/25. To help promote the new product on social media, our digital creative team came up with the Spicy Ones Giveaway. Using the Hot Ones the YouTube channel as their muse, the team shot a round table conversation with fans of TDQ. The fans were able to try the food for the first time as well as cool down the spice with some of Texas Dairy Queen’s iconic treats.
Results as of 11/6
  • 20% engagement rate, 15% over our engagement rate goal
  • Over 45,000 video views
  • With 3 weeks left in the promotion, we’ve matched our new followers growth count from the previous giveaway, which exceeded 204% from 2022
Spicy Ones: Take 1
Spicy Ones: Take 2
Spicy Ones: Take 3
Spicy Ones: Take 4
Spicy Ones: Take 5
Spicy Ones: Final Thoughts