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Twin Pops & Monster Pops Media

Will you be our friend? It’s the driving force behind our Twin Pops campaign telling everyone that Twin Pops are made to share. And that’s a big step to making friends. Speaking of big, did you know Monster Pops are kind of a huge deal? With bigger flavors and sizes, they can barely keep up with kids and their big personalities. By creating social ads showcasing the fun, flavors and friendships made, we’re growing the name and making kids—and moms—happy.

Targeted to Midwest Millennial Moms with a specific demo, AVG. CPM $19 across Facebook/Instagram & Tiktok
Impressions: 885,091
Clicks: 5622
CTR: 0.64% ( greater than .05% industry standard)
Gained over 228 Followers

Ice Breaker
Monster Pops Big Personalities
Twin Pops For The Win
Monster Pops Are A Huge Deal