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Creative Services & Digital Marketing

Every great campaign starts with aninsight and idea. Our massively talented creative team can concept, strategize and execute exceptional creative that stops, resonates and gets a reaction(preferably positive).Because we’re a full-servicedigital marketingagency, that’s where ourstrengths lie: Email, website (with focus on UX and UI), social, display and really anything elseyour eyes will see on a screen.

The Iluminere team. Digital marketing agency

What Creative Services Does iluminere Provide?

We’re going to be honest with you. Not everyone is creative. That’s OK. It’s why people like us exist. To bring a higher level of digital marketing that makes your business stand out.

The tip of our creative iceberg includes:

  • Digital & Social Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Video & Digital Radio
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • App Design
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media (TikTok, IG, etc.)

From concepting all the way to execution, our creative team has years of experience creating award-winning campaigns that WOW.

What Is Content Marketing?

Certainly, you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King.” What this means is that having words, video, images or SOMETHING connected to your digital footprint gives your business legitimacy, approachability and even the chance to make an impact.

We use content to target your customers the right way at the right time. It’s not just plotting a post on Facebook; it’s deciding what kind of content works on which social platform the best. (Hint: it’s almost always video). Content marketing is all about attracting—and—keeping the right people who want to purchase what you’re selling with relevant messaging.

What Is UX / UI?

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen these acronyms thrown around a lot. Whether you’re familiar with them or not, they are crucial for your customers’ digital marketing, and ultimately, purchasing journey.

I’m Sold, What’s UX?

UX stands for user experience. It’s how easy or difficult your site is for your audience to navigate. Ideally, your UX should be as simple as possible. In the same vein, your UX design should make customers FEEL positively about being on your page. The end goal of UX is to increase positive reaction to your brand. Our team consists of UX experts that bring your online brand to life.

Another U Word? Tell Me About UI.

UI stands for user interface. Often used in conjunction with UX, UI is all about HOW your customer interacts with your site. With the world going more mobile, UI design plays a larger role in how your webpage is perceived. Still using the old drag and click function? That’s totally fine if it works, but if you’re a cutting-edge tech company, wouldn’t you want to use something more modern like Virtual Reality or AI? And since mobile has become the main way people shop and view information, UI design is even more important for customers.

What is Display Advertising?

Ever see a little box with an ad in it about a product you’ve been thinking about? Or a tiny pop-up on the bottom of your mobile device when reading bitching blogs? That’s display advertising! There are many types of display ads that can target a customer based on their searches or even on sites you KNOW they will visit. Display advertising is a great catch-all to reach your target where they will be (that’s kind of catchy, we should use that).

Why You Should Include Display Advertising In Your Digital Marketing…

Display advertising helps make your brand relevant. It grows your presence where people are looking. Display ads are relatively easy to create and because they are based heavily on visual design, your brand message can be received quicker. We have a specialized team that can track performance and adjust to get the best ROI on your display ads. That’s what we say in the biz as a win-win

Iluminere Is The Best Choice For Digital Marketing

If you’ve gotten this far, that means you’re still interested in using iluminere for all your digital marketing needs. We have experts across every digital medium, from app loyalty programs, email campaigns, digital display and social media to ensure your brand goals are met. Whether you’re looking for growth, brand awareness or an increase in sales, the team at iluminere is passionate about making your digital marketing stand out and successful.

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