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How to Make a $1 Million in 6 months

iluminere recently partnered with an e-commerce client who had some very specific goals in mind to increase their brand presence and grow their annual revenue.

The Result was $2.5 Million Dollars in additional revenue in 6 months.

Here’s a little bit about our client:

  • e-Commerce company in the health & beauty space
  • $20-22 million in gross annual revenue

These were the client/agency objectives:

  • Increase Avg. Monthly Revenue
  • Add a new media channel to drive incremental revenue
  • Deliver better than industry average KPIs in Paid Search and Paid Social.  
  • Increase Average Return on Advertising investment (ROI)
  • Reduce cost per acquisition

Here were the statistics prior to enacting our strategy:

  • 1.66% Click-through Rate
  • $0.88 Cost Per Click
  • 1.91% Conv. Rate
  • $46.00 Cost Per Acquisition
  • Average Return on Investment (ROI) $4.87

Here are the results of our work:

  • We are currently delivering a $400,000 increase in average gross monthly revenue (32%).
  • We’ve developed a paid social strategy that has generated roughly $1.2 million in incremental sales across 6 months.
  • Paid search is currently running above industry standards across all KPIs.
  • 2.02% Click-through Rate
  • $0.90 Cost Per Click
  • 2.90% Conversion Rate
  • $31.03 Cost Per Acquisition
  • Average Return on Investment $11.87


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