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Getting It Done: Agency Websites

It’s the first rule of client services: the client comes first! As an Agency, it’s a proper mindset to operate by, but where you run into trouble with this thinking is anytime you need to work on internal projects. For example, your own social media or the “been on the back burner for a year” website revamp.

We (iluminere) just lived this struggle firsthand as we revamped our website and brought it into the digital marketing world of 2022. Now, I’m not saying we did it perfectly, but we learned a few things along the way, and I’d like to share how we put ourselves first for a moment and got it done.

Treat yourself like the client 

The only way you can start to make headway on projects like this is to treat yourself how you would treat your clients. Here’s how we tackled this:

  1. Assign the project to an account manager to take ownership and lead the team. This way there is one central person to funnel well, everything, through.
  2. Set-up a weekly status meeting with key team members and run through progress.
  3. Create attainable due dates and stick to them. Hold the team accountable.
  4. Have team members share responsibilities/ tasks.
  5. Send meeting recaps/notes so no information talked about gets lost.

Have fun with it 

Here’s the thing, this should be a fun project not an extra burden everyone has to bear! Getting to help tell the story of your agency and what you love about it is something exciting to be a part of. Here are some ways we kept it fun:

1. Do an agency photoshoot day to capture new and updated imagery for the site.

Iluminere Website

2. Come up with innovative ways to display your culture on the website. For us it was easy, we love dogs, tacos and making fun of ourselves.


3. Don’t be afraid to utilize your agencies tone of voice in the copy.

Iluminere Website

Full Send 

Finally, you have the not-so-fun parts of building a website: QA, bug fixes and proofing. Once these items are done it’s time to push your new baby out into the world—with the go ahead from your bosses of course.

You just gotta do it, it’ll never be 100% perfect!

The beauty of working in the digital space and working on your own website is you can change or update anything whenever you want. Your website should always be evolving and changing because so is the world. There will always be SEO to optimize, blogs to write and new office dogs to add to the website.

Speaking of websites, iluminere digital agency in Dallas, Tx provides full-service digital marketing to challenger brands (including UX design and websites). If you want to push your advertising to the next level, come chat with us.

iluminere digital marketing agency

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